Commencing June 24th, 2018 and concluding November 17th, 2018; there will be major road closures and detours surrounding the Park Center campus. Please take time to view the link below and study the diagrams to plan your route accordingly.
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Maintenance Requests

Property Management handles service requests for routine service, janitorial needs and/or repairs & maintenance to common areas via an online work order system, NetFacilities. Each Tenant Representative will designate up to four Tenant Authorized Service Requestors responsible for reporting problems or requesting additional services.

To submit requests:

  • Tenant Representative registers Tenant Authorized Service Requestors through submitting an email to Park Center Management including Requestor name, title, email address and contact information. Requestors will then receive a user ID and password to log on to the system via email.
Please note that Service Request types are assigned a predetermined priority status that designates their specific response time. If there is an emergency, please notify the Security Command Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (678) 226-0220.