Visitor Parking


Invitees, visitors and restaurant / retail patrons are to park in the following designated areas:

Park Center- Phase I
On the B-1 level and lobby level of the parking garage.

Park Center- Phase II building 2
On the B-3 level and lobby level of the parking garage.

Visitors will pull a ticket from the machine at the access gate, and then proceed to their destination.

Site Logistics Plan

All tenants and patrons can enjoy free parking by asking their host for a parking validation chaser ticket. When exiting, the visitor will feed the original ticket (Ticket #1) in for the system to determine the length of time they were parked in the garage. The machine will generate the charge associated with the time parked. The visitor will then feed the “chaser ticket” (Ticket #2) into the machine for payment or to clear the charge. The gate will raise and they will be able to exit.

Park Center offers parking for those retail patrons desiring easy access to their favorite restaurant / retail establishment.


State Farm “onboarding” employees coming to the site for the first time may conveniently park on Level 2 of parking where they will begin their “onboarding” process. This parking is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Beyond these hours no visitors are welcome to park in this area.

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