The disposal of any trash, refuse or other substances of any kind should not occur except in the designated refuse containers located at the dock of each building. No material shall be placed in trash boxes or receptacles if such material cannot be disposed of in an ordinary and customary manner without being in violation of any law or ordinance. Pallets will not be allowed in any trash containers nor left on the dock.

All Retail trash shall be placed in the compactor located at the building loading dock. In transporting all waste, retailers must utilize trash gondolas in an effort to eliminate any wet trash leakage within the common areas. This transport shall take place at the end of the business day.

Park Center offers a single stream recycling program through Waste Pro. Acceptable recyclables include paper, cardboard, metal and plastic (no glass). Located within each office tenants break room and copier room, recycling bins will be housed. The janitorial staff will empty these bins nightly. Tenants are asked to label all cardboard boxes “Trash” or “Basura” for removal. Management will provide these stickers to all tenants.