Tenant Parking

Each employee will be able to access the garage using their employee badge and/or by registering their toll tag information with Security.

Site Logistics Plan

Parking Enrollment & Status Update Forms are available online by selecting Forms. Employees will submit their completed forms to their designated tenant representative who will, in turn, approve and forward these forms on to the Security Operations Center.

Entry to the garage using your toll tag will not generate a fee on any toll tag. Any revisions to registration information can be updated at the visitor center located in. Should an employee drive a loaner vehicle, they can access the garage using their badge.

All State Farm employees are to park as follows:

Phase I:
On upper levels 2-8 and Lower levels B2-B4.

Phase II:
On upper levels 2-8 and lower level B1-B2.

All Retail employees will be required to park in the following designated areas:

Park Center- Phase I
On level B-1 of the parking garage.

Park Center- Phase II building 2
Two entrances-one from Hammond Drive, level B-3 and from Perimeter center pkwy, plaza entrance, level 1.

Each retail employee will be provided a red “Retail” sticker for placement in the lower left hand corner of the vehicle rear window. Management will distribute these stickers with the employee’s retail badge and upon completion, and submission, of the vehicle registration form to the Security Operations Center.

Tenants parking within the garages are restricted from, parking in areas not striped for parking or noted as "no parking"; parking in entryways, fire lanes or crosshatched areas; parking in areas where "handicapped only" signs are posted or marked on the parking surface, unless the vehicle bears an appropriate handicapped parking permit; parking inoperable vehicles, including, but not limited to, vehicles excessively leaking oil or other fluids; parking any trailer, whether or not connected to a vehicle; parking delivery vehicles in any areas other than the loading dock, and parking delivery vehicles in designated delivery areas longer than reasonably necessary for loading or unloading. Tenants parking in the garage overnight must submit an overnight parking form to security. If a tenant is parking in reserved parking, whether during normal business hours or overnight, the reserved parking permit decal must be visible at all times.

Property Management reserves the right to Boot ($50.00 CASH ONLY required to remove boot) or tow away any vehicle and equipment (e.g., trailers) that is in violation of these rules and regulations, at the vehicle or equipment owner's expense.

Vehicle owners, or operators, are responsible to secure their vehicles when parked. Property Management shall not be responsible for any stolen property or damage to any vehicles or equipment.

Sleeping in vehicles is strictly prohibited at Park Center.

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